We’re so glad that you’ve taken interest in the Worship Arts Ministry here at Cornerstone. This is an exciting ministry and our staff team is praying that God would lead these days, both for you and for us, as we get to know a good group of people over the course of these auditions. We will be taking adult applications until May 5, 2014, for those 18 or older. If you are interested in student auditions, please let us know via our CONTACT FORMThe audition date will be a scheduled time with each applicant on May 10th, 2014  at Cornerstone. At this time, we are only auditioning instrumentalists. If you are a vocalist, please feel free to contact us/submit an application and we can keep you posted on future vocal auditions (please include any audio samples or video clips you may have of yourself).

My name is Ryan Axtell, the Worship Director at Cornerstone. I get the privilege of working with an amazing staff team and a brilliantly talented group of volunteer musicians. My job is to steer the overall vision and direction of the music ministry for the church. Auditions are one place that give our leadership team a window into the kind of heart and talent we have within the community at Cornerstone in this season.

Ministry Overview

I wanted to take a moment to brief you on the ministry and the audition process to ensure that you understand what you’re getting yourself into and to help clarify as many of the possible questions that you might have.

The Worship Arts ministry at Cornerstone is and will always be an evolving ministry. We exist to provide a conduit for our community to corporately respond to the goodness, mercy and grace of God through Jesus and by the Holy Spirit. In all that we do, we want to point people towards Jesus! It’s not about getting stage time, or having a “creative outlet”…It’s about worshipping Jesus and serving His church!

Our worship style, currently, is a progressive sound with a modern-rock vibe. Hillsong United, Citizens, Dustin Kensrue, Vertical Church Band, Elevation Church, Passion Band, Jesus Culture, Robbie Seay Band, Christy Nockels (Watermark), All Sons and Daughters, Charlie Hall, Kristian Stanfill,  and Phil Wickham are some of the artists in the cue currently. Understanding, researching, and studying some of those artists’ style and songs would be a great place to start, especially if most of the artist names mentioned are foreign to you.

The Audition Process

The audition process is really a launching point for the many music forums and opportunities within the Worship Arts Ministry church and campus-wide (Chandler and San Tan Campus). We’re looking for qualified, skilled people with a heart to serve God wherever there is a need. One of the things we say to each other a lot in this ministry is, ‘anytime worship becomes about me and what I want or think I deserve it’s not really worship.’ For us it’s just a heart check to make sure that we’re really here to serve.

In that, our commitment is to prayerfully and discerningly place musicians in the needs of our community as we sense that it fits and makes sense. Obviously, if we know you don’t do well with kids we’re not going to make you the kids worship band leader, however, it’s the heart that we’re looking for in the grander scheme of it all. That being said, let me be clear  in saying this IS NOT a Chandler campus “main” stage only audition process. This venue is one forum of a few that plays into the mix of the potential possibilities.

The audition process is a required route for our musicians. I want to be honest to say that we do take these seriously and are looking holistically at how a person fits musically, spiritually and relationally. It is very important that we can be honest with you in our decision. The reality is that there will be a place for some and not for others based on this holistic approach and current needs. We ask that you would prayerfully seek God to guide this staff team to make the decisions we need to make in these days in the best interest of this next season of ministry at Cornerstone.

What To Expect at Auditions

What you can expect? Once you fill finish reading this letter from me, fill out the below application and submit it through the site. We will be in touch with you, via email, to get you all of the resources you need to prepare for the audition and an audition time slot for May 10, 2014. You will also receive an email from us via our online resource called You will need to ACCEPT the date, log in and you’ll find all of the resources, specific to what you’re auditioning for within Planning Center. Unfortunately, we will not be able to produce hard copies (CD’s or Print outs) of the audition materials. Our ministry functions and operates on the volunteer having sufficient, current and adequate computer technology (including active email) to get the files, schedule requests and any other info we might send them.

When you get to Cornerstone, for your arranged audition time, you’ll hang in the lobby until one of our worship staff comes to get you. When you come in we’ll do some brief introductions from our staff, get your mic/instrument/monitor at a comfortable setting, listen to you perform the songs that were given to you and finish with a brief personal interview.

In Ear Monitors: You will be utilizing In Ear Monitors for the audition. If you have never used them, no problem, we’ll have a set of headphones for you to use and we’ll show you how to put them on. You’ll also be playing with a metronome/click track live  in your ears along with the mp3/song recording. Think of it like hearing the live band through your iPod headphones! It’s really great!

All Vocalists are to come with vocal parts (and preferably lyrics) memorized for both songs. You will be singing along with a pre-recorded track (similar to what you will be practicing with). You will sing your solo song first and we’ll then move to the song you were assigned to learn the harmony on. NOTE: Please practice your harmony part to the assigned song in your vocal part and come prepared to sing the harmony with one of the worship leaders. This is a vital component of what we’re looking for with our vocalists.

All Instrumentalists are to come with your specified part learned for the 2 songs given to you for the audition, preferably memorized. You will be accompanied by a a song track and  be required to play to a metronome/click track (if you don’t know what that is google it and get one or contact us and we can recommend a couple brands). DRUMMERS: We suggest you rehearse to a metronome in preparation as we play all of our sets with either a metronome or tracks. If you have never played to a metronome and find it difficult in your preparation, we would highly encourage you to hold off on auditioning until you are confident in this area.

You should bring your personal instrument (guitars, picks, sticks, etc…), effects pedals and cabling to route it all properly as it applies. You are expected to come with the lead lines/ instrumental parts, tones & effects (as it applies to recreate the recorded parts on the songs), patterns, etc… prepared and ready to play. We will provide amps, keys and drums set up (w/a metronome ready); if you want to bring any of those things that are personally owned, please be sure to email us via our CONTACT FORM to coordinate details, primarily, as our time frames don’t have a lot of time for load in/load out.

Follow Up Process

After the audition is over one of our team members will contact you within 2-3 weeks, via an email letter, to let you know the results of your audition. Please offer us the allotted time to contact you. We’d appreciate the chance to contact you, rather than you contacting us, when we’ve had time to map it all out with prayer and discernment.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of  this, and we look forward to meeting with you at your audition! Any questions related to the audition should be emailed to us via our CONTACT FORM.

For His Fame,

Ryan Axtell



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